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Yasunobu Yamauchi’s Danshi Kōkōsei no Nichijō (Daily Lives of High School Boys) gag comedy manga is getting a live-action film adaptation from Afro Tanaka director Daigo Matsui.


Filming began for the movie in January, and has already wrapped up. Showgate will release the film in Japan this fall.

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News24, Daily

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Suda Masaki @ Bali.

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Baby ~ getting more and more mature. (And loving all his kansai-ben as well)

He talked about his first all naked scene and the things they did to cover up little Dasu. (That part was rather hilarious)

He talked about buying his first CD

They had a drawing competition (in which Suda won 2 out of 3)

And he also talked a little bit about his trip to Bali for a show that will air in the new year. 

It was quite entertaining. 

Drawing 1: Charlie Chaplin

Drawing 2: 22 Century Santa (Flies from the Mars…… oops he meant the Moon cause it had craters)

Drawing 3: A cake that any child would love. (Huge strawberry)

Drawing 4: A reindeer you would want to ride (It’s antlers becomes a cup holder)

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Chiba and Suda will appear in an episode of Resident next week!

Chiba will play Naka Riisa’s twin brother and Suda will play Hayashi Kento’s character’s childhood friend, and his character’s son is the focus of the next episode.  Yaaay!

TV spot for next episode: http://www.tbs.co.jp/resident2012/story/spot.html

Chiba’s blog uses the words “from episode 7” so it’s possible he will also appear in other episodes in the future :)